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Finest Nail & Spa - Nail salon 79109 - Near me Amarillo TX : Thinking of changing up your nail shape but don't know which direction to go? Let's try out this popular shape: nails!

Should We Try SNS Nails?

SNS manicure is especially for anyone who is:

Unhappy with the strong, acrylic smell that’s become synonymous with nail polish.
Sensitive to chemical odors or have skin allergies.
Nervous about the potentially harmful effects that the UV lights used to dry other types of polish can have.

How Much Does SNS Nails Cost?

Depending on where you plan to get your nails done, and how elaborate you would prefer the design, you can expect SNS manicure to range from $35 to $75 for a full set.

What Should You Be Aware Of SNS Nails?

You may have to go in for a touch-up around 2-3 weeks. Otherwise, you will have to get the colour removed and start from scratch.
Even though no UV or LED light and less filing of the natural nail is involved, SNS nails still require a gel base and top coat, which can be damaging to nails.
Be sure that you go to a licensed nail technician or a professional nail salon to ensure minimal risk of infection and other skin issues.

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